Security Consulting

Three Principal Tiers

  • Security Consulting
  • Security Testing
  • Incident Response

TWC Security offers services to our clients to cover all your bases when it comes to Cyber Security. We will work with you and your team to make informed decisions about your systems, your network, your exposure, and any other aspect of your cyber exposure you feel is needed, whether it be identity theft, cloud and mobile computing, or even some good ole fashion social media.

TWC Security believes you must form a trusting relationship with any company you work with and believes our work ethic will prove that to you each and every day. In addition, we ensure each customer that our recommendations are going to cover only the services and offering that we feel you need. We will never be one to tell you a service is needed to just make a few extra dollars, we understand you want to use your money and resources wisely and efficiently.

Security Consulting:

Use our team's knowledge to know what is at the forefront or cutting edge. We can work with your team directly to respond to each threat or we can serve as an information conduit for your team, you get to choose the level of integration you desire.

The bottom line is that we tailor our services to your needs, we want to be a partner to you not a 300 pound gorilla chasing you down.

Security Testing:

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
Compliance and IT Security
SCADA/Industrial Control Systems
Encryption and Cryptography

Incident Response:

Whether you have already been breached or want to be prepared in case of a breach, we can offer your team the guidance to first purge your systems, secondly, repair your systems, and finally harden your systems. No one plans on getting hacked, but isn't it better to be prepared and have a plan in place to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently?

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