Welcome everyone to Thimbleweed Consulting's Security Division, known from here on as TWCSec. 

TWCSec was started in 2011 as one of the future divisions of its parent company Thimbleweed Consulting. Thimbleweed Consulting's two founders, Harry Cooper and Matt Neimeyer, determined that one thing they wanted to bring to their customers and the general computing and programming community was better and easier to use tools and services.

The first project to be tackled by TWCSec is the All-In-USB forensic USB key. The All-In-USB key is an outgrowth of the frustration that Harry found when trying to find good and sound forensic tools during his Master's program at Utica College. The key grew from a small idea of a package of open source tools to an educational tool that will teach its users, while at the same time retaining all the features a Forensic examiner would want for capture and analysis work.

All-In-USB provides currently the following items:

1) An on-load memory imager/capture tool

2) A light weight PHP webserver serving up a graphical interface to many command line tools.

3) Tool management, Saved Tool jobs, quick grep, Boot Loader manager, and more!!!

4) A boot loader interface (non-geeks we will be putting out a "configure tool" to setup your USB drive for this feature). Boot a machine into your favorite forensic environment and image a drive quickly.

5) A portable VM app. Load a favorite ISO or VM to parse your forensic evidence.

6) A live capture PHP application to run your favorite collection of tools.

7) A directory of key open source forensic tools that no examiner would want to be without.

8) A set of Unix/Linux tools that every examiner misses on Windows, usable IN WINDOWS!

These are just a few of the items we are releasing in our v.1 release. We are working on the v.2 release already as well as an anticipated Timeline of the growth of this new tool. We expect that release to be done in the next 3-4 weeks. In v.2 we hope to be announcing the inclusion of a new and exciting set of Mac forensic tools so that this key can be used across various OSes.

I do want to include one last piece of information, licensing. We are trying to include as many tools as possible in the releases as we move forward, but unfortunately it is an EXTREMELY tedious process trying to verify each tools licensing, so please be patient with us as we work to ensure the open source aspect of this tool. Finally, for those tools that we can not validate, we will make a list of "recommended non-loaded tools" available, so that you can gather the tools together. If we also have a "config" entry for that tool, we will post that as well.

Well I hope that in the next month we can show each of you the fruits of our labor of the past few months.



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