State of Forensics
Computer Forensics has been around almost as long as the computer itself has been around. Unfortunately, over the past 10 years, even as the computing world has shifted to reducing computing devices to smaller and smaller sizes, the Computer Forensic industry has not followed this trend. The small and portable forensic machines on the market currently still weigh in at well over 15 pounds and cost over $3,000 before your software licenses. Software licenses themselves can easily set you back another $4,000. In today's world of commodity computing and ever shrinking budgets and space, why not throw out the old school forensic options and come see what new exciting things are being done by TWC Security.


TWC Security Forensics
At TWC Security, we wanted to take advantage of today's computer technology and match it with the latest in open source technologies. When a college or graduate student joins a forensics program, they fight for access to a limited amount of machines that the schools can offer. We aim to remove this problem in all markets from educational to corporate. Our base package starts at $125 per device, and includes all of the software you will need with NO additional cost for licenses. So check out our complete product lineup today and while you are here please download our open source live forensic tool, All-In-USB.

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